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Intelligent Tools

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When allied together, Instructors of member schools can utilize "Cloud-based" tools that streamline day-to-day activities within the school. This allows the Instructors and school ownersIntelligent Tools to focus on the most valuable resource within any's students.

With these tools, registered Alliance school owners can:

  • Catalog, Track and Manage Student Information
    Student contact management is centric to the business tools available to registered Instructors and school owners. Key personal data is easily accessible for review and update. Individual students may also update their key personal data as well.

  • Issue and manage Student ID cards
    Each student can be issued an personalized ID card that uniquely identifies each student with their own personal identification number. Students rank and title are also displayed. ID cards are instrumental to other "Intelligent" tools but can be easily affixed to student's equipment bags for easy identification as well.

  • Event Participation and Attendance Management
    Separate business tools enable tracking of student's participation in day-to-day classes and other school activities. Instructors can define class schedules whereby student can easily "Check-In" for a class to track their attendance. Student's may also access the tools to review their class attendance as well.

  • Achievement Tracking and Management
    Taekwon-Do training can be a lifetime of accomplishments and achievements. Integrated business tools help track and manage each student's achievements. Whether an individual belt grading, promotion, community service award, black belt certification or other event, these tools can be tracked and managed "In the Cloud".

  • Certification Generation, Tracking and Management
    Integrated tools also facilitate automated generation of school color belt and black belt certificates. This allows the Instructor or school owner to easily generate a Adobe .pdf and simply print the certificate at any nearby print shop. Black belt certificates can be "numbered" and identified by authenticity codes in a numbering specific to the school's desires. The on-line tools allow for easy "re-prints" of any issued certificate.

    Note: The RMTA can provide assistance and guidance with certificate design and development.

  • Payment Tracking and e-Notifications
    Cloud-based tools enable simple tracking of school revenues (e.g. Instruction Fees, etc). Email based notifications are automatically generated upon receipt of payments and delivered to the student's email address. Integrated reporting tools also provide quick and easy identification of received payments and revenues.

The Rocky Mountain Taekwon-Do Alliance is focused on the success of our member students, black belts and member schools. Integrated, easy-to-use business tools solve the day-to-day challenges of school ownership and extend feature services to student and black belts alike.


Intelligent Tools "Pay It Forward" to our registered Member Schools and Instructors!

If you are ready to take your school to the next level.... Contact the Alliance!

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