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Australian Taekwon-Do Alliance

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Australian Taekwon-Do AllianceThe Australian Taekwon-Do Alliance (which we refer to as ‘the Alliance’) is a national umbrella organisation for Taekwon-Do organizations. Any Australian Taekwon-Do group, school or club can join in order to receive the benefits and advantages of a large, supportive organisation without loss of their individual identity.




Vision and Goals

We founded the Alliance to support Australian Taekwon-Do organisations in their daily activities. This includes a broad base of support for events, enhanced opportunities for elite athletes and organisational support for marketing.  By providing a national body it enables access to funding opportunities that may otherwise not be available to local organisations.

The Alliance enables all of this for member organisations and their students without requiring internal organisational or management change. The Alliance provides a national Taekwon-Do organisation that delivers administrative and policy stability to the ITF membership in Australia.

It is about students, not power bases.

Contact Information

Australian Taekwon-Do Alliance Pty Ltd
P.O. Box 237
Corinda QLD 4075, Australia
(ph) +61 7 3325 1180
(web) http://


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